Tuesday, July 15, 2014

loving plants. focus on using vintage lens

all these still life photos were taken using vintage lens( name is secret) and all those portraits below(scroll it if you wish) were taken using (also) a vintage lens. its a carenar 35mm 1:2.8. using a vintage lens togetehr with a dslr camera is exciting. love it. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

donuts & preview pictures (the netherlands)

good music while cooking is a must
 once upon a time donuts jumped into my bed. that's what i love about being lazy in bed on sunday.

 these round round sunglasses are the cutest. coudn't decide which to bring with me when i was on holiday, so i brought them all. and yes, vogue dutch edition..
have you heard that i like to buy perfumes(mostly when its on sale tho..) ^^ and this replay perfume is the last perfume i bought. it smells good.

another picture of me at my tae kwon do training. i'm so in love with this activity.

preview picture from my short holiday in the netherlands. brought lots of dresses. eeeeeehhhhhh

1st thing i did when we arrived in the N was buying this vogue+glamour magazine in dutch language ofc :D

Monday, May 26, 2014

me and pineapple+watercolor

me and my drawing(watercolor)


 pineapple p

 oily finger

 love to draw vases

 some of my fav books

Thursday, May 22, 2014

mostly red

a picture of a tulip in the garden of eden.
                                               once upon a time at the playground.

                                              the red shoes i've never worn

                                            mangos are my fav fruits, but strawberries are the cutest if it comes to photography
imagine, tokyo.

my first vegan cake(last summer) it was crazy, failed. now that i know the secret, there's something to replace the eggs. yeah.

 in the kitchen, after the rain.

 plants in spring.