Sunday, March 22, 2015

rockin chair, cookies, nice weather.

spring 2015
friday night. making cookies. 100% vegan. now, please don't give me that look. i am not an extremist. in fact i eat fish like.. twice in a year :D 

 one morning at the public park, teaching my lil puppy how to ride a bike. the weather was nice.

 vintage cameras are life.
 so, i've noticed that i owned too many things in blue color. i don't want to feel blue everyday. so about 2- 3 weeks ago i painted my blue rockin' chair into yellow. it does look awesome :) ooh, and this vintage mirror, . was a present from a friend on my 30 somethings/too old  b'day ^^ it was in gold, but heck,. i'm so not into gold color.. you know. so i painted it into blue.

BE - be -

ck be, bebe lotion. bwhehehe, my name is bebe.

how to dance to "white rabbit" video can be seen on you tube 
about two weeks ago, outside the city. was looking for  lonely trees. nice landscapes ^^

Friday, January 16, 2015

friday, i am the celebrity.

currently answering some questions for a project 
not my project though, but i've participated in that project: #iamthecelebrity
on instagram. 

                  it's been 4 days since i received the questions,.but i haven't quite finished with my answers
                                     and the deadline is on sunday, damn.. damn.. damn..
                            it's kinda difficult for me,. i must record the answer..
                          they need my voice mmmeeeeeehhh... help :D
                                           bu bu but my english is bad :D anyway,.........
                         i'll do it later.. mhhhh

other news
been laying on the couch since... i don't remember
reading a book, magazines, catalogue ( do we really read a catalogue? :D )

 this blue vintage cup is lovely, isn't it. got it for free ^^

 i got the vintage spoons for free too, i wanna paint them into yellow color ^^
and the magazine, i've never seen it in the shop before, so i bought it yesterday evening on my way home after finished my tae kwon do trainin... bwhehehe

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a man.

at the bus stop 5:46 pm
i saw a man
he looked fine, tall
i am short
i suddenly sang a song ( in my head )
"can't take my eyes off of you"

at home
i told myself that i've changed a bit
i didn't ask the man where i can get one
a yellow coat

his yellow coat
i wanted his yellow coat, and still
he wore a yellow coat
and i love yellow color

samples of yellow coats
photo credit: burberry

the difference between "selfie" and "self - portraits"


self - portraits

my profile on photoVogue

bla bla indeed

took this picture in late summer 2014. i literally climbed the bin for .. i don't know..
blue jeans, yellow shirt   feeling good in this

i want spring. i saw the signs.. the signs of spring. no, not this picture. it was taken last year. just.. how beautiful is spring.. it reminds me  of many things, sad, happy, exciting, fruitcakes.. you know.. it's just so ducking beautiful.

a picture from my november black/green tea series. felt like lying on a bed of november leaves. :)

 and these apples. they are beautiful too, aren't they? and my watermelon bowl.. it's just too precious like my watermelon skirt ^^

Saturday, January 3, 2015

hair + awesome movies.

i dyed my hair orange. now it fits my winter jacket.
btw, i watched dawn of the planet of the apes  3 days ago. damn, i loved that movie so much.
after that.. i had to watch  rise of the planet of the apes for the 2nd time ^^