Sunday, April 20, 2014

full circle- new FAVORITE song-things that i love.

i heard this song 4 the 1st time... about a month ago, while i was lying on the couch once upon an afternoon, let's was my napping time. i heard it in my dream :D what i've missed, it was released about 2 years ago. damn.
been listening to it ever since, again and again, everyday.

i love perfumes, tommy girl p is one of my favs. it was on sale,. 
 i regret buyin this elle magazine. have never felt so dissapointed about magazine but this.. €6 ... dissapeared, i even didnt enjoy the item. oh well.
and, that would be my vegan banana pancake and vegan banana muffin :D i baked it i swear ^^
and the cake, that would be a banana vegan cake(baked the other day) i wanted to make banana pancakes, but then.. i noticed that i had no oil, so i baked it :D
 at the balcony, my plants..and my balcony is small.. taking pictures using a 50mm isn't a good idea. i still have other kind of plants.
 dat lens is a badass...and  this would be me at a reggae jam (late summer) i was one of the official photographers there. let's call it charity ^^

Sunday, April 6, 2014

last year's spring

now,. all i have to do is to take some pictures with my dreadlocks and this floral dress. amen.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

more yellow&green in my world

my fav things in yellow. 
                                              i had to paint my blue lamp shade in yellow because of my new                                                                                                 greenish/yellowish couch ^^
                                                 my 100x100cm painting..before/after. i can't decide, i might repaint it later                                                                                                        again..never satisfied..

                   my yellow dress and red yellow dress and red shoes(next photo shoot idea) ^^

Friday, March 21, 2014

new jazz cd & yellow colours

i'm obsessed with vases and love drawing, buying, collecting vases. 


                                           these new jazz cds are awesome. this morning i drew my yellow vases while                                                                              listening to it. loving it.

                          that bag tho :D bought it just because of the color :D the buttons thing done by me ofc

                      oh.. my yellow skirt,. i have story to tell 'bout how i got my yellow skirt(next blog entry i hope)

                                                       yellow things, included that avocado

                                               me in yellow

Friday, March 14, 2014

Smartassphone did that to me.

foods. i tried to eat like vegan people, except for fish.. i stil eat it.. sometimes. yesterday i made my 1st pizza(tuna fish, mushrooms, onions, chili, blackpeppers,tomatoes. wasn't bad..
and those cucumbers, broccoli i ate on the previous day(late breakfast aka my 2nd breakfast)

that would be me and one of my little puppies.. we're shopping. oh, come on.. smartassphone and mirror at the public bla bla bla ftw ^^

 just another jogging picture. if you haven't tried making some selfie in the public toilet... well,. u shall give it a  try ...

yesterday,.. yes my tae kwon do class :D less my WHITE belt .. i'll need sometime to get me a yellow belt though..

Thursday, March 6, 2014

i spring, jazz ooh..

duck face in the public toilet near the forest today. and "not really sure" face at the party last saturday, had some funny stuff, heard some funny shit,. uh.. them eyes tho..
 so this is me today, had a photosession with myself in the woods, love that watermelon skirt ^^ and yea, i think i should shoot myself (more often) wearing different dresses..  i have these thousands of dresses.. but my faves are way too obvious :D and sometimes i'm thinking of stuff like "give away" you know, giving my dresses to people who might want them hohoho.. but i don't know..
the window once upon a sunny  morning.. ohohoo.. spring i love you.
 today's outfit :D  a pair of converse always treats me awesomegood, i can walk faster and jump higher ^^